Sunday and Varnival

Joel Hahn

by Joel Hahn

Sunday is an important day at VAMPY. It may seem like an unassuming day, but Sunday gives campers a much-needed break from the abundance of structure that rules most camp days. Campers find rest in a variety of ways. Some campers take time to sleep in the morning, some make the journey to churches of various denominations, and others spend the day with their parents or other family.

This past Sunday, we counselors held a little event called Varnival, where we spread out across the front lawn of Florence Schneider Hall with a variety of games and activities from Spikeball to fortune-telling. The thing that separates Varnival from weekend activities like the Olympics or the dance is that there is no expectation of participation or competition. Some campers could be found napping through all of The Greatest Showman, while others played four-square nonstop for the entire three-hour block. Regardless of whether campers chose to experience every single thing Varnival had to offer or decided to sit in the grass and absorb some sunlight, all the campers seemed to enjoy the break.