Optionals Focus: Star Camp

On Monday, campers returned to their weekly activities rested and rejuvenated from a weekend of games, sleep, and laundry. After a more hectic than usual day on the hill due to the arrival of another large camp, Optionals brought a special treat.

The Big Dipper, My Little Pony, and the Void: VAMPY Week One

On Monday at lunch, the mood was upbeat in the VAMPY community — the first weekend had solidified new friendships, and the VAMPY Olympics and Paper Theatre had brought the whole camp together. We checked in with some campers and counselors to hear their thoughts on the first week of camp.

Pop Culture Update: Field Trip Photos!

by Justin Mitchell On Monday, Pop Culture toured the Bowling Green Daily News building to see how print media is still being used today and how it has changed since the mid-1800s.  

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