Report from Pop Culture: What is “Pop Culture”?

Fallon Russell

by Fallon Russell

On the first day of VAMPY, our class explored an important question: What is pop culture? By breaking down the words “popular” and “culture,” we came to the conclusion that pop culture is liked by a majority of people and contributes to the lifestyle of people. After digging deeper, our class found that pop culture unites and influences people through common interests such as music, sports, fashion, and technology. We use and play with pop culture to create memories and make life fun. Over the course of our three weeks together, our class will investigate how people, events, ideas, and entertainment have shaped and united our country beginning in the 1800s.

Along with many art projects, field trips, and a debate tournament, our class will be watching movies that correspond with the time period being discussed in class. We kicked off our cinematic journey with the classic Gone With the Wind. Everyone received a “badge of honor” button after watching the nearly four-hour movie in its entirety. Next, we will watch The Prestige while creating engraved stamps. Following each movie, our class will discuss the movie, including comparing and contrasting how class, race, and gender roles change over time. By the end of VAMPY, students will have a better understanding of the cultural similarities and differences between Gone With the Wind and Mean Girls.

Danilo Mendoza engraves a wooden stamp.


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