Presidential Politics Update: From Kennedy to Johnson

by Dennis Jenkins

On Tuesday morning, we finished the John Kennedy presidency. After our morning break, students compared and contrasted the campaign commercials of Lyndon B. Johnson and Barry Goldwater during the 1964 presidential election. Students were then put into two teams to research the positions of both candidates during the campaign.

After lunch, Team Goldwater debated Team Johnson for nearly an hour, and both teams did a great job discussing the issues that defined that election. Students also watched a documentary over the legacy of Lyndon Johnson’s presidency and analyzed the major issues that shaped his administration. The class next examined three Supreme Court cases that were ruled on during the years that Lyndon Johnson was president.

During study hall, students will work with teammates to create their own government, including how they would define all three branches of our national government.

Team Johnson
Team Goldwater

Note: Teacher Dennis Jenkins will be posting updates on his course, Presidential Politics, throughout VAMPY.

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