Walk This Way

Maddie Hamblin

by Maddie Hamblin

The first two days of SCATS have been full of getting-to-know-yous for my group of five hallmates. Despite their diversity in regards to where they go to school, their grade, city of residence, and interests, the group has developed a quick closeness, and one thing above all has been key to that bonding: music.

Every morning for breakfast and every evening for dinner, our hall treks down to DSU as a group. The walk is seemingly endless, so I decided to incorporate a fun activity for my group during these walks that also highlights their unique personalities. As a person who is very interested in a broad range of music and a third-year counselor, I started letting each girl pick a song that is important to her and play it on a portable speaker while we walk to meals. So far, my campers have chosen songs like Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Skies,” and Toto’s “Africa.”

Though the walks to dinner may be a short, innocuous activity in the campers’ day, incorporating this small tradition has made my group excited for our walks to meals, knowing that we will get to bond over music as well as introducing the campers to artists whom they have never heard of before. It has certainly become a highlight in my day, and I’m excited to listen to the songs they pick over the next two weeks.