Presidential Politics Blog: The End

by Dennis Jenkins

It is hard to believe that our time at VAMPY is coming to an end. On Thursday, we discussed a Supreme Court case and examined the second term of President Obama. We also watched political satire, debate clips, and commercials from the 2012 election. Students next participated in a town hall debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and created posters for the candidates. The class then went to the computer lab to complete their research for the debates they were involved in and examined several court cases from the last four years. President John Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson were the winners of today’s round of our Presidential Face-Off Tournament.

Today, we will have the championship match in addition to role-playing the 2016 debate. Students will also examine the presidency of Donald Trump, take their last assessment, and participate in a mock 2020 and 2048 presidential debate. We will then dress up as a president, candidate, or First Lady and travel to another class whether students will do a short presentation for some of their peers while wearing political masks. Finally, we will hand out certificates and have students complete an evaluation of their experience at VAMPY.

Amber and I enjoyed having your student in Presidential Politics. I look forward to seeing each parent or guardian on Saturday as you pick up your child. It has been a pleasure working with your children, and we wish them success and happiness during their upcoming school year!