The Final Days of VAMPY Are Bittersweet

Maddie Hamblin

by Maddie Hamblin

The final days of VAMPY are always full of events that encapsulate the magic and excitement of camp. From the talent show to the banquet, the last two days of camp allow for campers to end their experience on a high note. For many, these days are also extremely bittersweet as the kids prepare to leave.

Last night we held our annual talent show, where campers performed a multitude of unique acts, such as Aaron Johnson’s “Clogging” where he performed a highly energetic clog dance. This year’s MCs — fourth-years Stuart Kernohan, Elisha VanZant, Hayden Teeter, Jocelyn Martin, Christian Butterfield, and Hannah Jawed — entertained campers with their Scooby Doo-themed skits, where they set out to solve the mystery of who was breaking all the campers’ ankles.

Tonight, campers will attend the banquet where fourth-years will share their wisdom and advice with the other campers during their fourth-year speeches, followed by the dance and slideshow.

Although dancing one’s heart out is one of the best parts of camp, events like Camp Sing-A-Long remind campers and counselors alike how special VAMPY is, and how hard it is to leave.