Optionals: The Final Reckoning

Sam Smith

by Sam Smith

As the end of camp draws near, many regular camp activities have their last hurrahs. One such activity is Optionals. The final round of Optionals on Wednesday was an especially memorable one, with all the counselors bringing their best.

A good portion of the camp was occupied with practicing for tonight’s talent show under the leadership of Gabe and Tori, making it the largest Optional of the night. In Extreme Card Games, Joel and Jacob led campers in playing card games that left the namesake cards shredded, dirty, wet, or otherwise ruined. Globe Trotters with Becca, Molly, and Sara was a group viewing of the BBC documentary “Planet Earth, complete with crowd interaction. Softcore Parkour with Haley and Emily was an entertaining romp through campus, with campers performing feats of physical prowess like standing on foot-high walls and running up small hills. Sam and Dillon went all out in Capture the Flag, joining the game partway through to lead the campers. And Aaron and Evan took a group to the south lawn for a competitive Cornhole tournament.

In these last few days of VAMPY, campers and counselors alike are starting to say goodbye to the camp we all love, but that doesn’t mean the fun has stopped.