Presidential Politics Blog: the Clinton Presidency

by Dennis Jenkins

On Thursday, we debated a court case during the Clinton presidency and examined the major issues that shaped the 1996 presidential election. Students watched a variety of commercials, debate clips, and political satire before they created posters for their role-play. The class then took part in a debate over the 1996 presidential campaign. After lunch, students watched a short clip over the Clinton presidency before they went to the computer lab to take part in a political survey to find out where they stood on a variety of issues concerning politics. We ended class by playing Beyond Balderdash.

We leave for Washington, D.C., Thursday evening and will get to see a variety of historic sights on Friday. We will tour the U.S. Capitol building and the Supreme Court, visit the American History Museum to look at exhibits related to the presidencies, and see several famous monuments. We will arrive back at the dorm on Saturday morning.