VAMPY Scene of the Day

by Erika Solberg

Earlier this week, three Fourth Fourths (campers in their fourth year of camp and fourth year of eligibility for camp) took some time away from their lunch to explain to me one of the current bits of fun campers are having.

“The big joke right now is Aaron Bard’s Beans,” said Stuart Kernohan of Bowling Green. Aaron Bard, who is from Greenville, is in his third year as a counselor at VAMPY and until this point has had no known connection to legumes.

Hannah Jawed of Corbin explained: “We were doing an Optional where we had to make our own memes and debate which one was the best. One camper made a meme called Aaron Bard’s Beans where you could change the word “beans” to anything that rhymes with it, and that’s the meme that won. So now every time the cafeteria serves beans, we take a bowl to Aaron, and they are Aaron Bard’s Beans.

Hayden Teeter of Brentwood, TN, added, “Aaron told me he absolutely hates the beans — he doesn’t like beans ever — but he still accepts the offerings.”

At that, all the campers laughed, no doubt hoping beans would be served at dinner.