Baseball and Fireworks on a VAMPY Fourth

by Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson

Sunscreen was sprayed, bug spray applied, and sunglasses were donned as we all gathered outside last evening to prepare for our journey to watch the Hot Rods ballgame and the annual Fourth of July fireworks show afterwards. The walk was long and the day was hot, but it was well worth it.

All the campers loved being able to roam the stadium (with a buddy or two, of course) picking out their dinner and dessert choices.  Dippin’ Dots was very popular due to the heat.  Campers entertained themselves with a variety of activities.  Some chose to watch the game, while others decided to play cards or test their pitching speed.  When the game had ended – with a victory for the Bowling Green Hot Rods – it was dark enough to begin the fireworks show.  One after another they shot into the sky in a colorful and loud explosion.

After, we grouped together to hike back up the hill to the residence hall.  Campers collapsed into bed, exhausted from the heat and long day but joyful from the fun and excitement they had all shared.