Campers Explore the Universe at the Planetarium

Emily Leamon

by Emily Leamon

The weekend is full of great opportunities for students!  We continue to have optional activities during this time in order for the students to continue to be engaged in the learning community. One of the wonderful things we have available to us is the opportunity to visit the Hardin Planetarium. It is optional for students to go to a planetarium show, but we highly encourage it allows them to learn about the universe around them.

I took a group of campers to the planetarium this weekend. When we first arrived, we visited the many exhibits. The one that stuck out to our campers the most was the interactive infrared camera (see photo). With help from the director of the planetarium, the students learned how infrared works. We saw the effects of infrared on a variety of objects ranging from colored hair to glasses to a trash bag.

After the exhibits, we watched the show “Phantom of the Universe,” which explains dark matter — as much as one can — and what experiments are being done to further understand it. After the question and answer session following the show, our campers felt they understood more and had even more questions which we gladly researched together. Seeing campers excited about something I love, astronomy, is especially rewarding.

Patrick OBoyle, Sarah Pederson, Arianna Poland, and Mikah Burdette at the planetarium.
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