The Olympics and Paper Theater Highlighted the Weekend

Evan Kessler

by Evan Kessler

The weekends are some of the most memorable parts of camp. The first weekend of VAMPY is when campers show up to compete for their countries in the Olympics and then strut their stuff on the big stage for Paper Theater. The first event to kick off the weekend was the Olympics on Saturday. The Olympics consists of five main events that give the big points and a handful of side events. Of course, there were athletic main events, such as relay and dodgeball, but there were also less physical competitions like story time, quiz bowl, and musical chairs that ensured everyone could play an important role in serving their respective countries. At the end of the day, Belize took the gold, the USSR snagged silver, and the United States, led by Emily Leamon and me and easily the best country, brought home the bronze.

Paper Theater began later after the campers had the chance to rest, clean up, and revel in their Olympic victories. The night of theater began with each group of campers selecting at random a fairy tale or well-known story and a theme to flavor the story. Performances could be anything from “Cinderella” with a superhero theme to Shrek with a VAMPY theme. The actors also had to create outfits and props entirely from newspaper and tape. Needless to say, the performances were phenomenal.

Overall, this weekend was a success, and I look forward to another good one at VCon next weekend!