This Weekend Promises Fun and Tradition

Olivia Edwardson

by Olivia Edwardson

As the first week of VAMPY draws to a close, campers are looking forward to the activities that the weekend holds. First, as part of a Friday night tradition at VAMPY, campers will be treated to Papa John’s Pizza at the Red Zone in the Downing Student Union. Following that, campers will spend their evening in the Preston Center, which is WKU’s student recreational center. The Preston Center allows campers to expend their energy by swimming in the indoor pool, playing basketball, and running on the track, among other activities.

The rest of the weekend promises to be just as fulfilling, with Saturday being the date of the VAMPY Olympics. Campers will be representing their own “country” within their groups and will compete in events such as Quiz Bowl, Four Square, and a multi-part relay. Saturday evening, campers will perform in Paper Theater, an acting exercise that promises to be equal parts unpredictable and entertaining. The night will wind down with a movie night in Florence Schneider Hall, featuring a special showing of Big Hero 6.

The weekend has always been an exciting time for VAMPY. Campers as well as counselors are anticipating the excitement of the Olympics and the entertainment that Paper Theater will inevitably provide.