VAMPY Scene of the Day

by Erika Solberg

VAMPY campers excel at turning the smallest moments into fun of a very VAMPY nature.

Today, while waiting for their classmates in Astronomy to finish building bases for their telescopes, Zack Banish of Burlington; Lauren Bennett of Chattanooga, TN; Jax Ludmann of Villa Hills; Mica Mancini of Franklin, TN; and Cathleen Smalley of College Grove, TN are sitting on the pavement by some bushes between Snell Hall and the Environmental Sciences and Technology Building. They are studying the ground intently, flicking at small, scurrying creatures, and laughing.

When asked what they are doing, Mica explains, “Ants only live in a two dimensional world because they can’t look up — they only look left or right — so we’re enlightening them. We’re trying to turn them on their backs so they can discover the third dimension and go back to their friend ants and tell everyone. We’re basically Ant Buddha.”

“They’ll say, ‘There is the future —in the third dimension!’” Jax says, chasing after one of the insects.

Zack grins and adds one more twist: “And we’re waiting for the fourth dimensional being to enlighten us — to flip us on our backs.”