The Great Outdoors

Evan Kessler

by Evan Kessler

Before campers moved in, we were told to expect thunderstorms all during the first week of SCATS. However, Mother Nature has been very kind so far. We’ve been told every day to prepare for nasty weather, but on the first day at Optionals during the Live Action Role-Playing (LARPing), everything went swimmingly. The campers all got a pool noodle or two and went on to find victory on the battlefield.

The next day we had our sidewalk chalk Optional where we created our own art gallery on the sidewalk, including such works as: “Big Red, But Orange,” the lyrics of Frozen, and “The Meme Square.” We even had a couple Poetry Corner students share their poems on the sidewalk, and, thankfully, the sky didn’t decide to open up until right after Optionals were over. This meant our art collection wasn’t washed away before it had a chance to be admired by all the other campers.

Most recently, we had a couple of professional kickball matches in just about perfect weather. On the way to the playing field, we had a quick and informational presentation on the campus squirrels due to expressed interest from our athletes. People don’t tend to think about it very often, but Western’s campus really adds to the SCATS experience by being a great backdrop for everything that the campers do.