Bracelets and Soccer and Pet Rocks, Oh My!

Julia Johnson

By Julia Johnson

Enthusiasm for class has been obvious among the campers, but after class is over there are many more things to stay excited for – the new friends, the endless conversations, and OPTIONALS.  Contrary to the name’s implications, Optionals are nighttime activities that are mandatory.  However, campers can choose among a multitude of Optionals, and the counselors and the campers alike consider them “mandatory fun.”

The counselors put a lot of effort into planning incredibly fun optionals that appeal to all the students.  One Optional offered on the first day was Friendship Bracelet Making.  Campers were very excited to learn how to make a bracelet for their new-found friends.  Ultimate Frisbee, Four Square, and Soccer appealed to the more active campers, while others chose ones such as Sidewalk Chalk, Pet Rocks, and Broadway for a more relaxed activity.

As campers come back from class, the question I hear the most is, “What are the Optionals for today?”  It’s so awesome as a counselor to see the excitement as I read the list of offered Optionals to them in afternoon meeting.  When it’s finally my hall’s turn to sign up, the girls rush to the door and cannot wait to pick their favorite one.  In the Optionals so far, all the kids have had a phenomenal time, and I cannot wait to see the fun grow even more over these next two weeks.