O What a Morning!

Molly Rush

By Molly Rush

This morning, Tuesday, the SCATS campers woke up ready to start the day. All of my campers were laughing and getting ready together. I love seeing the positivity as my girls greet the morning with jokes and compliments. Their conversations focused on how excited they were for their classes and how much fun they had had at Optionals last night. We have a rotating hall meeting each night, and the girls talked about who would be our hosts for the evening. They love pooling their snacks together and sharing with the entire hall.

On our way to breakfast, the campers were singing and excited, and they greeted the cafeteria worker as we walked through the door. The girls have already claimed a specific table in the cafeteria as their own — my hall loves sitting together for almost every meal. This morning they invited some other campers to join them. Breakfast discussions were dominated by trying to guess what Optionals will be offered this evening and finding friends to walk to class with. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with these girls, but I love beginning my day on such a high note!

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