SCATS Students Excited to Learn

Olivia Edwardson

By Olivia Edwardson

Counselors were stationed all around campus to aid campers in finding their buildings and to familiarize them with the designated path so they would not stray. Campers were visibly excited to finally immerse themselves in exciting and unique classes such as Books, Books, Books; Radical Rube Goldberg; and Theme Park Development.

The first block of classes ended at 10:15, and counselors once again stood by campus landmarks to help campers find the way to their next class. As I greeted campers walking by, I asked some how their first class had been. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and their enthusiasm was palpable. Undoubtedly, the classes taught by our talented faculty has energized students and increased their anticipation for what’s to come for the remainder of camp.

Ultimately, the first day of SCATS has been a huge success. SCATS campers will be in for a treat as their classes progress. I cannot wait for campers to experience all the wonderful events that will occur during the camp.

SCATS students walk into Gary Ransdell Hall for their class of the week.