Temperature, energy, and emotions high in last days of VAMPY

Priscilla Suh
Priscilla Suh

It was a high of 93 degrees on Wednesday, and the air was filled with excitement. It was the last day of normalcy before the talent show, dance, and banquet. The campers were finishing up their projects such as their last unit of computer programming, deciding who wins the debate over whether Hitler is guilty or innocent, and reading the last pages of their books.

After lunch, as the counselors were walking back up to Schneider, we intruded on the Pop Culture class. They were learning different dances through the ages, with some campers helping the instructor in demonstrating the moves. I and my fellow counselors, Max and Alyson, joined in, learning the Macarena and the Hustle and doing the Turkey Trot to the song “Ra Ra RasPutin.” By the end, everyone was out of breath and sweating and ready to bust out our new dance moves at the dance on Friday.

Later, it was the last set of optionals, filled with everything from Grungebob Squarepants to Naptown USA — but the most exciting optional was the talent show practice. Everyone has been talking about and practicing their acts all week. I’ve seen bits of choreography from and overheard the pipes on some of these campers, and I can say we’re in for a treat. There are some acts that have been kept under wraps so that they can surprise the rest of the camp and others who are keeping some traditions alive with songs and dances that have been performed in past years.

As we come to a close, emotions are running high. For many of these campers, this year will be the last time that they will be at VAMPY. Many of them have been coming to VAMPY for four years — four years of Warm Fuzzies, four years of memories, four years that have turned into lifelong friendships. The Fourth Years are reminiscing on their camp experiences, the First Years are learning all the traditions and waiting to come back next year, and the Second and Third Years are looking forward to when they get the chance to take on the job of being role models to the younger campers. It’s been a great summer and another one for the books at VAMPY 2017!