VCon 2017: Legends Vs. Heroes!

Peyton Cuzzart
Peyton Cuzzart

The second weekend of VAMPY always brings one of the campers’ favorite events: VCon, formally known as VAMPY Convention. The annual event, inspired by Comic-Con, gives campers a perfect opportunity to showcase their nerd side while having a great time with friends. Each year at the beginning of camp, counselors decide on a theme for VCon and keep it a closely held secret until it is revealed at the opening ceremony. Previous themes include Space Cowboys, DC vs. Marvel, and Prehistoric VAMPY. At this weekend’s opening ceremony, campers were ecstatic to hear the theme of VCon 2017 was Legends vs. Heroes!

Since the theme was Legends vs. Heroes, all activities at VCon revolved around the subjects of mythology and superheroes. Favorites of many campers were Comic Book Generation and Make Your Own Mythical Beasts, where campers designed and presented their own personalized comic books and mythical legends. The more athletically minded campers participated in LEGENDTag, a variation of the popular game Tag designed around Greek gods, and Hero Training, a superhero-themed obstacle course designed to bring out the superhero in all campers. By every metric, VCon 2017 was an incredible success, and a great time was had by campers and counselors alike!