Optionals get a little wacky in week two

Tori Edwardson
Tori Edwardson

As camp progresses, we counselors like to get a little more creative with optionals. Typically, within the first week we play it safe: friendship bracelet-making, Frisbee, writing Warm & Fuzzies, etc. In the second week, we like to be a little more adventurous.

This week our optionals included Pawn Stars, in which we purchased some wacky items from Goodwill and had the campers bid on them as well as create their own backstories for them; Dad’s Day Out, in which the campers made “dad” profiles describing their dad-like interests and dad names, then took them on a tree walk; and Christmas in July, in which the campers celebrated Christmas with festive treats and movies. We also offered athletic optionals like Humans vs. Zombies, which involved a lot of pool noodles and running, and FrisBEAST, which involved two counselors being moving targets for Ultimate Frisbee.

This weekend will bring V-Con, which will be the ultimate destination for wacky optionals. Each year the theme is a surprise, and the optionals correlate with that theme. We can’t wait to reveal the theme on Saturday along with all the fun activities we have planned!