VAMPY friendships show campers their own potential

Carlos Sierra
Carlos Sierra

Friendship between peers at VAMPY is one of the reasons many campers decide to come back. The friendships that are built in class, in halls, and at optionals are the backbone of many of our traditions at camp. Activities such as Ultimate Frisbee and soccer exemplify the respect and acceptance many campers have for their peers. I have been astonished by the respect and the teamwork shown in these activities. One of the main goals we have here as counselors is to develop respect between ourselves and our campers but also between our campers with other campers. Respect and friendships help our camp move ahead with each day being filled with more excitement than the day before.

As a camper, I felt welcomed and like I belonged somewhere. My hallmates and my peers in my classes helped me discover who I really was as a person. With the help of my teachers and counselors, I learned of my potential not only in my classes and academics but also with making new friends. Even to this day, those friendships I had at camp continue and are an essential part of the person I am now.

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