Hall Time Takes a Musical Turn

Alyson Dressman
Alyson Dressman

Hall Time is a brief time at the end of the night, after Community Time and just before campers return to their dorm rooms to (hopefully) sleep. Campers are encouraged to spend time with the other members of their group and their hall during this time. My hall has normally preferred to grab a few decks of cards and play games such as Egyptian Rat Screw, a new favorite after I taught the group how to play on Sunday night, or Liar, among others. Claire Pinkston of Versailles is always quick to provide various snacks to share with the other girls and somehow has a new candy or chip option every night! A few girls from the other side of the hall have joined in the fun this week, adding drawing and friendship bracelet making to the list of Hall Time activities.

However, last night, after my campers discovered their common love of the musical Hamilton, our Hall Time evolved from card playing to a full-on singalong! Many campers were able to rap along to the majority of the songs on the musical soundtrack, and discussed their favorite characters and the reasoning behind their selections. Aleka Chau of Bowling Green said that she was Thomas Jefferson through and through, because he’s funny. Another camper, Delaney Schulten of Fayetteville, Georgia, danced as she sang along to the popular Broadway tunes. I was blown away by how many of the girls could rap every word of the songs.

My campers have also shared their love of instruments with one another. In my group alone, we have three violin players and four ukulele players. The girls have already taken to the idea of playing songs together, and learning new songs as well. Aleka, Phoebe Wagoner of Carlisle, and Willa Michel of Midway were holding down the violin section of our group, giving the hall a brief concert during Hall Time, following the Hamilton singalong. “You guys are so talented,” commented a member of another group in our hall. Even as the music silenced and we made our way back to our rooms to go to sleep, the girls continued their singing and playing, and I am sure our Hall Time will remain musically-driven during future nights.