Tuesday Optionals ranged from soccer to Squarepants

Max Tague
Max Tague

Hi all! Tuesday was for the most part a normal, activities-filled day. The campers had class and lunch, and then met up with their counselors in the afternoon to go to dinner.

After wards, we had Optionals. These ranged from the more normal activities to ones that were a bit out there — just what the kids have come to expect from VAMPY. Ultimate Frisbee, one of the campers’ favorites as far as sports choices, was held alongside soccer (stylized as Fütbol), Trashball (which is similar to soccer but played only with the hands and with two large bins as goals), and Blob Tag (a camp version of Sharks and Minnows).

As far as non-active Optionals go, we had a pretty diverse list. It included Making Friends Not Foes (an Optional where the campers learn how to make the ever-present camp commodity of friendship bracelets), Sidewalk Chalk (pretty self-explanatory there), Game Room (where they played various card and board games, and where they can finally put those Magic: The Gathering skills to good use), Mob Mentality (a group game of guessing which members are “in the mob” and having to deduce who is and is not secretly on your team), and finally, my personal favorite, Grungebob Squarepants. In this activity, campers ate ocean-themed snacks, watched episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, and in between were taught a little bit about the grunge-rock genre of music.

All in all, I’d say it was another pretty good day at VAMPY.