Campers put on a “wild” talent show

Lillie Shaw
Lillie Shaw

On Wednesday night, the campers partook in an exciting adventure: the SCATS 2017 Talent Show! Performances included beautiful renditions of various songs on the piano or ukulele, singing, dancing, and a comedy routine or two. With over 25 fun acts, the show demonstrated the campers’ versatility. As the lights shone down on them, the performers were bright stars for the audience to enjoy.

After each act, the show’s four emcees had Wild West-themed skits describing the title of the next one. The skits included Tyler “The Dastardly” Dennis of Leitchfield kidnapping counselors, who hoped to be rescued by “Jumpin’” Jax Ludmann of Union, Caroline “The Cowgirl” Wedge of Bowling Green, and Venus “The Varmint” Whittington of Louisville. In the finale, the counselors were held captive by friendship thread, which is used to make friendship bracelets. They were unable to be saved until the end of the show since campers aren’t allowed to cut the thread themselves, needing a counselor to use the scissors.

There were also two sing-alongs the audience joined in on. The campers did a great job, and a grand time was had by all. Campers received a program that listed each act, so they will have a record of the night for a long time to come!