Mealtimes are for fueling up for the day — and checking in with friends

Lydia Powell
Lydia Powell

One of the best parts about camp is the free food. DSU provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the campers, all included in the tuition of SCATS. At mealtime, campers flood into the dining hall to eat as much food as they can before the counselors announce that it’s either time to go to class or to find their counselor.

During lunch people can go a little crazy. On average, there’s at least two or three other camps eating with us, making the lines a bit longer than during breakfast and dinner. While the wait can be daunting, the campers take the lines in stride and rarely complain about how long it takes. After they’ve gotten their food, the campers sit down and catch up with their friends before going to the rest of their classes.

One of the most commonly visited areas of the dining hall is the dessert bar, and for most of the campers the best part of the dessert bar is the soft serve ice cream machine that is available all day. Unfortunately for the campers (and fortunately for the counselors), the machine is banned from use during breakfast.

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