SCATS teachers make sure learning is fun

Aaron Bard
Aaron Bard

With the second day of classes at SCATS coming to a close, the campers are getting excited for another afternoon filled with fun Optionals, dinner with their friends, and even more time spent on WKU’s beautiful campus. The first day of camp was filled with unique and exciting activities, such as Game Room and Humans vs. Zombies (an exciting, active Optional created by our very own Ben Guthrie in which campers picked sides in the inevitable human vs. zombie conflict, ran around, and even had the opportunity to chase a zombie counselor). Today is sure to be just as good.

However, even though campers enjoy their time outside of the classroom, SCATS teachers put a lot of work into making sure that campers have a fun and exciting day learning as well. The subjects taught at SCATS cover a variety of topics, ranging from acting and the exploration of the laws of motion to classes about Russia and the Civil War.

I would like to spotlight one of the classes taught this year: I’ve overheard many positive conversations about the classes that campers are taking, but I’ve heard a particularly large amount of praise from campers taking the Future Authors class taught by Lauren Griffing. Many campers have talked about how engaging the class is, and how much writing they plan on doing once they get back home to their computers. In fact, some have talked about starting to write their own stories here at camp. So while many campers look forward to the exciting activities that counselors offer after their classes have let out, I know that all campers will also look back on their time in class with fondness and the desire to learn more.

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