Campers enjoy weekend of VAMPY traditions

Niven Achenjang
Niven Achenjang

Another Monday is here, which means that we just finished an exciting VAMPY weekend. Over the past two days, the campers have enjoyed V-Con, the first VAMPY dance, and VAMPY BC.

V-Con is short for VAMPY Convention, and is a Comic-Con style assortment of themed events and activities. Every year, the counselors decide a theme and keep it secret until the big reveal during the opening ceremony at the beginning of V-Con. This year, V-Con had a space theme, complete with out of this world optionals and an encoded alien message. The campers all enjoyed themselves as they went around building rocket ships, viewing galaxy simulations, and much more.

On the same day as V-Con was the first VAMPY dance. This was a chance for the campers to really get moving, and express themselves as they have fun on the dance floor. While many of our campers love the dance, there are some who dancing just is not for. For them, they used to time to hang out, talk, and play cards/board games.

On Sunday, the campers were taken way back to the past to participate in VAMPY B.C., a prehistoric-themed afternoon of optionals. Campers tossed “rocks”, made cave paintings, and captured eggs. Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the less intense atmosphere of VAMPY B.C. compared to V-Con allowed the campers to relax after the excitement of the dance and V-Con.