Campers enjoying routine of camp and anticipating weekend

Lauren Pedersen
Lauren Pedersen

With an event-filled past few days of camp, campers are looking forward to revert back to a typical schedule filled with optionals, community time, and of course study hall. Over the weekend, campers enjoyed the rivalry of the VAMPY Olympics and the easygoing vibe of VAMPY-stock (our play on the famous music festival Woodstock).

Sweden and the Republic of Atlantis are still rejoicing in their joint victory (receiving gnome statues as trophies) while my team, Canada, enjoyed some maple syrup comfort cookies after receiving 2nd place. Campers took a positive route on weather complications at VAMPY-stock and turned activities like “Cloud Watching” into “Rain Dancing.”

On Monday and Tuesday, we enjoyed spending July 4th watching fireworks at the Hot Rods game and attending the US Army band concert at SKyPAC. Students in Nazi Germany, Pop Culture, and Presidential Politics left for Washington DC at the dark hour of 2:00 AM. Remaining students on campus will enjoy straightforward activities like a game of ultimate Frisbee or perhaps something slightly more obscure like “Christmas in July” or “Steal the Bacon.”

With it being the midpoint of VAMPY, campers are relishing in the familiarity of this week and anxiously awaiting the long list of VAMPY traditions planned for the weekend, including our second visit to the Preston Center and the reveal of this year’s VCON theme.