Presidential Politics students discuss freedom on on Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! Today in class we celebrated our nation’s birthday by watching part of the movie “John Adams” when the states voted to break away from Great Britain. The students also role-played some of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. We then discussed what today’s holiday and freedom mean to them. Students also discussed American traditions that are often associated with the Fourth of July.

After lunch, we watched commercials of Ronald Reagan & Walter Mondale during the 1984 presidential election. The class then watched part of the first debate between the two candidates before the class helped form posters to prepare for today’s debate between President Reagan and Walter Mondale. The candidates were role-played by Justice and Truman, and they both did a great job! Students then read parts of Reagan’s first and second Inaugural Address before they completed a reading analysis over some of the major decisions that Reagan faced during his presidency. The class then watched a clip over Reagan’s second term. We also examined the evolution of the modern Supreme Court starting with Reagan’s choices for the Court and the justices that have been named to the Court since Reagan. We ended class by getting into three groups where students had to answer critical thinking questions over a court case that occurred during Reagan’s second term.

Tonight there is no study hall as students will be going to watch a Bowling Green Hot Rods minor league baseball game. Tomorrow we will study the presidency of George H.W. Bush, give a preview of our field trip to Washington D.C. on Wednesday, and take our first summative assessment over what we have studied in Presidential Politics during the last week.

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