Preston Center awaits campers Friday evening

Harsh Moolani
Harsh Moolani

As the first week of VAMPY classes comes to a close, the campers eagerly look forward to tonight’s activities and the weekend. During the week, campers have experienced new knowledge in their classes, a variety of activities called “optionals,” special encounters with other campers, and even a visit from Dr. Paula Grisanti, the Chair of the National Stem Cell Foundation. During the weekend – starting tonight – the campers will experience a different aspect of VAMPY.

The unconventional aspect begins Friday afternoon by providing a unique twist to the camp routine. Dinner is no longer at the Fresh Food Company and there are not any “mandatory optionals.” After a friendly pizza party outside of the Downing Student Union, campers have the Preston Health and Activities Center at their disposal. With an Olympic sized swimming pool, numerous basketball courts, a volleyball court, a badminton court, a racquetball court, and an indoor track, the Preston Center provides the campers with a wide range of facilities, where they can explore any of their interests. The campers, however, are not forced to partake in any of these activities; they can simply hang out with friends, make friendship bracelets, or even play cards in the lobbies or any open space they can find.

The fun for the campers does not end here. The room times, or curfews, are pushed back by 30 minutes, allowing the campers to learn new skills from one another or just to familiarize themselves better with the other campers.

After a tiring week, the campers are allowed, and sometimes even encouraged, to “sleep in” on Saturday morning. This much needed rest provides the campers the necessary energy to thrive in events like the VAMPY Olympics, paper theatre, and the Ultimate Frisbee tournament during the weekend.