Thursday night packed with cherished camp traditions

Andi Dahmer
Andi Dahmer

Tonight is such a special time for SCATS campers! Thursday of the last week is arguably the most exciting day of camp. Tonight, campers’ educational achievements in classes and their impactful social experiences outside of class culminate in an end-of-camp banquet.

At the banquet, in addition to a delicious meal, members of the Singing 101 class will serenade their peers with repertoire as varied and beautiful as Bruno Mars and classic Walt Disney songs.

After the banquet, there will be a dance. Many optional activities this week have been centered around ballroom dancing, classical dancing, and many other genres of dance. Tonight’s dance allows students to show off their dancing skills in a completely nonjudgmental environment.

Following the dance is the SCATS 2016 slideshow. Counselors and The Center for Gifted Studies photographers have been snapping pictures at every opportunity. Now, these pictures will be compiled for all campers to see. Every camper and counselor is featured at least once during the show. All members of our camp family can reminisce about the amazing challenges and triumphs we have experienced over the last two weeks.

Most of all, tonight’s activities are a testament to the comfort and community that SCATS provides for each student. SCATS is a place where all individuals can learn together and have fun together, where we can try new things and teach new things to others. Tonight reinforces the idea that the feelings of acceptance and opportunity encountered at SCATS can remain with campers even as they return home on Friday— this time in the forms of skills learned at camp and lifelong friendships with other campers.

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