Science Sleuths Recap Week One

By Jessica Dilsaver

Hello everyone!

I hope your child had a lot of fun learning and making new discoveries on Saturday in Science Sleuths. Hopefully he or she has already shared a little about the class with you. We engineered refrigerators as a pre-assessment design challenge, and students were surprised at how long they could make an ice-cube last using simple materials like bubble wrap and aluminum foil. We also looked into the design process through creating our own towers and building earthquake shake tables that we will use next time. Our focus for part of our upcoming class will be figuring out the mystery behind engineering a safe and stable structure that can withstand a magnitude 8.0 earthquake.

I have created a survey for you child to share information about his or her experience in our last class. Please allow him or her to visit the following link to share this information with me:

I am looking forward to Saturday and learning more with your child!

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