Serving as counselor was a rewarding experience

Jon Warren
Jon Warren

As I sit in the airport waiting for the final VAMPY camper to board a flight home, my mind is flooded by the memories of the past five weeks of SCATS and VAMPY. This being my third year as a counselor and my first as Co-Head Counselor, I am reminded that our future is so bright due to all of the wonderful, bright minds that I get to see each summer. These campers are so gifted and passionate about learning and making their world a better place.

I am known for being a rather cheesy individual. In our initial training, I made a reference to camp being just like a Build-A-Bear Workshop. Our campers can come in with a predetermined notion of what they would like to get out of their camp experience or sometimes come in with no solid expectations at all. As camp progresses, it is remarkable to see our campers build their own experiences, friends, and even their own self. One of the most rewarding parts of this job is seeing the evolution of a camper from the first Sunday to the last Saturday morning. I told the counselors the other morning that we were about to close our shop for the summer and that the customization was almost complete, but that is not entirely true. As your child transitions back into their home and to their community, be sure to acknowledge what camp has and will continue to do for them. This camp can be a life-changing opportunity for your student.

I, along with the rest of the residential staff, want to thank you for allowing your student to spend part of their summer with us at WKU. I know that I had a great time and can’t wait to see how your child continues to grow into the high-achieving person that they are all capable of becoming. Thanks for the memories!