Campers settle in and let the fun begin at VAMPY

Wade Vierheller
Wade Vierheller

So the first full day of camp started out fantastically! The kids started on their first day of class with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. After they all finished with classes, that’s when the fun really began. Our team of counselors prepared all the great optionals we had in mind. The kids got to do things like four-square, capture the flag, extreme campus tour, ultimate frisbee, and lots more. It’s always great to surprise the campers with new things.

Speaking of new things, it has been somewhat tough as we’ve moved to Northeast Hall this year as Florence Schneider Hall – home to the Gatton Academy and The Center for Gifted Studies – is undergoing its renovation. Though it has taken some adjustment, we’re all learning to get the hang of it and making sure we make the best of it.

The new campers are already having a blast and the returners are getting back into their usual groove. Be sure to keep up with us each day to learn about all the great new things we’ll be doing.

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