Campers enjoy annual traditions as SCATS winds down

Nicole Heimerdinger
Nicole Heimerdinger

As Thursday wrapped up, I had a few moments to reflect on how great the past two weeks have been with my group, as well as the camp as a whole. Thursday night included the banquet, dance, and slideshow (which is one of my favorite parts of camp).

The banquet is not only a nice dinner giving kids a chance to dress formally, but also a nice opportunity to learn about proper dinner etiquette. Many of people encounter fancy banquets or dinners with employers without knowing how to act or what proper customs are. This is (and was for me as a camper) great exposure for their bright futures.

The dance was a much more casual experience and great fun. My favorite part about the dance, similarly to the rest of the camp experience, is being with like-minded peers and being able to be yourself. This is especially true at the dance for a lot of kids. It’s an opportunity to dance how you want to dance without the worry of judgement from your peers.

My favorite part was the slideshow that ended the night. It’s a great reminder of the past two weeks, a chance to cheer for your friends, and see how others experienced their time at camp. Overall, the night was incredible and was a great way to start the conclusion of camp.