Be a Writer class creates “book spine poetry”

logoThe Be A Writer class walked to the Warren County Public Library to participate in a poetry writing exercise – writing “Book Spine Poetry.” The challenge was to place book titles together in order to form a poem, consisting of at least 7 lines. Our students rose to the challenge and created some unique poetry using this technique. Below are some samples of their work:


By: Anna, Rachana, Rita, and Kami

Whoosh went the wind
Over the river
Let it snow
The smallest snowflake
The Christmas Hope
Waiting for the Evening star
The secret to freedom
Some Kind of Fairytale
Life without summer
And the good brown earth


By: Anna, Rachana, Rita, and Kami

Time of My Life
Seasons of tomorrow
Burn Bright,
The sun,
The secret to freedom


By: Alex

When My Heart Was Wicked
Darkness Blames Her
Dead is Just a Rumor
Shatterd Souls
Fragile Spirits

“The Nightmare”

By: Kennedy

Dark Light
Dead Silence
Empire of Shadows
Welcome to the Dark House
House of Steel
Don’t Go
Close Your Eyes
The Nightmare

“Last Judgement”

By: N and Noah

Against the law,
The testimony
Until I die
Should I die
My second death
Dead peasants
Sworn Sword

“Humans and Animals”

By: Sam Frey

Lucy Su
A small brown dog with a wet pink nose
The fox went out on a chilly night
Where did bunny go
Percy gets upset
Preschool to the rescue

Students in the Be a Writer class work on creating book spine poetry.
A student creates book spine poetry at the Warren County Public Library during the SCATS Be a Writer class.


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