Activities galore this weekend for SCATS campers

Jake Inman
Jake Inman

After a hectic, rain-filled week, the campers look forward to the many fun filled activities that await them this weekend. Last night, we took the kids to the Preston Center where they got to unwind and let loose all of their pent-up energy through various sports and activities. They went swimming, played basketball, and even played Wallyball. After a week of classes, it was good for the students to run around and be active.

This morning, we have many fun activities for the campers to choose from. After lunch, we will have one of our biggest events of camp – the SCATS Olympics. The counselor groups have paired up and chosen a variety of countries to represent.

The kids will compete in events to earn points for their country so that they can win the coveted title of Champion. These events include everything from dodgeball to tug-o-war.

For the not-so-athletically-inclined kids, we will have side events set up as well as arts and crafts. That way they can still earn points for their team while also doing an event that they enjoy.

As for other events, we have our annual Paper theatre, a trip to the planetarium, a cook-out, and even a Magic the Gathering tournament. I’m sure that over the upcoming days, you will be hearing much more about each of these through this blog.

I am wholeheartedly enjoying meeting and being there for each and every one of your children. These kids are the entire reason I come back year after year!