Counselors surprise campers with mysterious optionals

Ben Guthrie
Ben Guthrie

Now that campers have learned their schedules and the routine of camp is settling into place, the counselors have been preparing some surprises for their campers. When signing up for “optionals,” campers were only told the name of the activity, the counselors in charge of the activity, and whether or not the activity is athletic – nothing else. If they wanted to know what “Tiger Hunt,” “Alpha Quest,” or “Knights of the Roundtable” was, they had to sign up!

In “Knights of the Roundtable,” campers played the card game “Avalon” in which they had to find out which players were the Knights of Arthur and who were the secretly lying Knights of Mordred. At first, some looked a little disappointed just to have a card game, but by the end of the hour, they were intensely discussing the results of the game (“No way! YOU were Merlin!?”).

Over twenty campers ran around campus tracking down a tiger (Jake Inman) with the guidance of Will Walters and Jacob Couch. Through clever improvisation, Will and Jacob discovered “clues” across campus while avoiding attracting the tiger by saying the letter “t” before it ended in a game of “tiger tag.” The campers “skinned” the tiger for its orange jacket as their prize for a successful hunt.

Alpha Quest, a complete surprise, was a scavenger hunt across campus led by Ellie Hogg and Emily Powell. Campers found letters hidden in campus locations that, when unscrambled, led them to prizes in the dorm building. The counselors were surprised by how intensely the campers searched for clues; they were well-rewarded with juice and cookies at the end of their search.

On Wednesday, campers chose between “5th Grade Field Day,” “Kick a Ball!” (which may be kickball, soccer, or something in between), “Camp Rocks!”, and “CSI,” in addition to traditional activities like time in music practice rooms or “Capture the Flag.”

There will be many more great activities to come, especially as counselors save their best ideas for the end.