Counselor’s Corner: The Summer Comes to an End

justinThis past weekend wrapped up the summer for SCATS/VAMPY.  It was a great five weeks and I know that as Co-Head Counselor, I had a great time working with the amazing counselors and awesome campers alike.  After class finished on Friday, we had a slip’n’slide brought in which had staff, counselors, and campers smiling ear to ear as they ran across the lawn and through the slide.  We had a great time at the final banquet and enjoyed listening to the fourth year speeches while we dined.  After the dinner we had a dance and then relived all of the great memories made at VAMPY at the slideshow as campers hooped and hollered for their friends every time their picture came up.  After the slideshow we went back and had community time hanging out with friends and enjoying pizza at midnight while reliving the three weeks before heading home on Saturday morning.  Kids pulled all nighters and had a great time with their friends before enjoying some donuts and packing up their things to head home with their families.

Words cannot describe how great the three weeks were and how much fun we had on The Hill.  These next few days will be spent mostly catching up on sleep and reconnecting with new friends.  Plans are already in order to set up the first reunion because it is hard to stay away from everyone for too long.  I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work in putting this summer together, especially the staff at The Center for Gifted Studies!  I cannot wait for camp next year.  Time to start the countdown timer already for next summer.