Counselor’s Corner: The Last Day

nicoleThe day started off with a solemn reminder that the campers were eating their last breakfast and their last lunch in Fresh Foods for the summer. Even though it was a tough realization, it didn’t stop the fun from being had throughout the day. The tradition of running through the fountain by the library this year had to be broken this year when there was a safety concern due to some repairs being made on the fountain. We quickly found a fun alternative thanks to one of our wonderful counselors. This year, we had an inflatable splash n’ slide, a couple sprinklers, and a hose spraying down from the bridge going to the second floor of FAC. All the kids were drenched, carrying each other through the sprinklers, and having a safe and fun time! The majority enjoyed it as much, if not more, that the actual fountain. There were many thanks from campers for keeping up with tradition! Along with the fountain tradition come the campers’ excuses for why they are returning from class drenched. Those help to keep it fun as well.

After the fountain, the campers got ready for the formal dinner. As always, the food was delicious and the campers were respectful. We had many fourth year speeches. Each one had a similar, but unique, message of the importance of camp to their lives. After the dinner, campers went to a dance. Many camp familiar songs were played. Glow sticks in many forms were popular at the dance and made the campers hard to miss!

The slideshow shortly followed, with a wonderful collection of memories from the past three weeks. Lastly, we had pizza at midnight and allowed the kids to stay up for community time with their peers to have a couple hours to make the most of. It was a great end to camp. I heard so many positive things throughout the day and night! I can’t wait to see what next year brings for these amazing kids.

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