Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 3)

Today, we began class by having students split into two groups acting as campaign managers for President Bill Clinton & Senator Bob Dole during the 1996 election.  Students then participated in a group debate about how they would manage their candidate’s campaign for president on a variety of questions that both sides debated.  Students then voted for which presidents they thought were the most effective of the modern presidents & which presidents were the best modern presidents.  They selected FDR & Lincoln as their favorite presidents of all-time and Clinton and Reagan as being the best of the modern presidents.  We finished discussing Clinton’s second term & we watched a short clip about his presidency.

In preparation for our field trip to Springfield, Illinois on Monday, we researched the 1860 election that ushered in the Lincoln presidency.  We also watched the first part of the movie, “Lincoln.”  Students also completed their research regarding their Mount Rushmore project in the library since tonight during Study Hall they will be finishing their trifold board about the presidents they wanted to go on Mount Rushmore.  Our class also had a special visit by the Arabic class at VAMPY as they did a presentation for our students!

Tomorrow, students will take an assessment regarding the presidencies of Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.  We will also have a special role-play dealing with our country’s Independence Day.  Students will also learn about the 2000 presidential election, the beginning of the Bush presidency and continue watching part of the Movie, ‘Lincoln.’

Dennis Jenkins