Counselor’s Corner: Naomi Kellogg

NaomiA week of VAMPY is in the history books as we head into the second third of our time here. I must say time seems to be flying by as all of the kids are hard at work each day, and having fun at night. Yesterday, our daily free time was spent celebrating Canada Day! That’s right, July 1st is the Holiday of the Red Maple leaf and we celebrated by doing Canada themed optionals. Some of which were “Sticky Situation” (Dodgeball), “Canadian Music Awards”, “Canadian Crafting”, and “Conference US-Ehhhh”.

After optionals and study hall, we were hit with a surprise storm that lead to lots of soggy shoes. But most importantly, soaked hugs, shared umbrellas, and puddles that made for some great beginnings of friendships. All of the kids made it back safely to their rooms (even if they were a bit water logged), and we had some hall bounding time amongst our counselor groups.

All of us are looking forward to this week with the Hot Rods Game, Preston Center, Dance, and VAMPY-Con coming up soon! Hopefully it will be as amazing as the first week has been.

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