Teacher’s Talk: Problems You Have Never Solved Before (Days 4 and 5)

During Thursday’s session, VAMPY campers continued to work on the catapult challenge.  They were able to modify their design and were given access to tape and glue to help them.  After alterations were made, campers had one opportunity to perform the two tests again; students’ catapults were much more successful this time around.  Next, campers were presented with a mystery box.  Using probability, students had to determine the number of wooden balls inside a small box; they also had to determine the color of each of the balls inside the box.  Campers engaged in a natural selection activity to conclude day four.

To round out the first week, students began class by designing and constructing their box for the Pringles challenge.  This challenge required students to use gathered materials to safely support a chip.  Campers mailed their packages today and are eager to see if it comes back undamaged!  Then, students were asked to design and test a balloon rocket, horizontally.  Overall, campers were successful with this project; however, they were then presented with another balloon rocket challenge, vertically.  This problem has stumped students, as they were limited to four extra materials and no string to guide their balloon rocket.

Overall, this has been a great first week of VAMPY and we look forward to weeks two and three!  Don’t forget to check out pictures from our class on the Flickr page.