Counselor’s Corner: One Week In

AlexAfter an action packed weekend, we have returned back to the normalcy of a weekday schedule. Study hall returned for the campers at 8 pm on Sunday, followed by community time, and finally some much needed rest before the resumption of classes this morning. This afternoon, campers will attend an informational session about the Carol Martin Gatton Academy  of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky with Chad Phillips! This session is a great opportunity for in-state students to explore the option of applying to the Gatton Academy during their sophomore year. As a recent Gatton graduate, I will be available to answer camper’s questions, but also any questions parents may have (you can leave your remarks in the comments below.)

Tonight, we will also attend community time around Schneider Hall. Community time is excellent social bonding for campers and their friends; in many places you’ll find campers playing card games, making friendship bracelets, or tossing a frisbee on the front lawn. By this point at camp, many campers have formed lifelong friendships (but they probably don’t know it yet.) I personally remember and stay in contact with many of my camp friends, even while I am forming new camp friends today. VAMPY 2014 has been a blast so far, and it’s only getting better!