Counselor’s Corner: Optionals – #VAMPY14 Style!

katieHello y’all!! Wednesday was a day of sunshine and thankfully no rain, which made conditions perfect for everyone’s favorite part of the VAMPY day: optionals! The optionals included: life-sized Bananagrams, Dodgeball, Extreme Campus Tour, Origami, and Cage Match. Our very own co-head counselor Nicole and myself assembled a life-sized set of the popular word game similar to Scrabble called Bananagrams. Campers worked in teams of four to see who could get rid of their letter tiles the quickest in order to win the game.

Extreme Campus Tour, which also made an appearance at SCATS, took the kids around campus doing ‘extreme’ things, such as ‘extreme’ spelling when visiting the Bananagrams optional and ‘extreme’ Origami at the Origami optional. The optional took the kids up and down campus and gave them another, perhaps more memorable, way to get to know campus. Cage Match was an optional dedicated not to wrestling but to the actor Nicolas Cage. Participants viewed clips from some of his iconic roles (National Treasure being the main example) and then performed their best imitation in a bracket style contest in order to determine who could do the best impersonation. All in all it was a fun and successful day for optionals and we hope that the good weather sticks around and that the kids keep having fun!