Counselor’s Corner: Storms can’t stop #VAMPY14

jon-kyleToday was the second day of classes at VAMPY. The campers were all ready to start the day as usual at the Fresh Food Company for breakfast. Everyone has started to adjust to the daily routine of going to classes, eating at Fresh Food, and having fun with their friends. However, during supper, the clouds started to look foreboding.

By the time optionals rolled around, a storm had moved in, and all the counselors quickly went to work on planning activities to keep our campers entertained during the time allocated for optionals. We all stayed on our halls and got to spend time with our groups; some of us played cards, others watched movies, and some played board games (and I’m sure at least one group was probably making friendship bracelets). After optionals, the campers left for study hall and the day continued as normal. Despite the storm getting in the way of our original plans, VAMPY is still off to a strong start!