Counselor’s Corner: The First Full Day of #VAMPY14 is in the Books!

jonYesterday, the campers arrived on campus for the first day of VAMPY 2014! Today, however, was the first full day the campers would experience. The day was off to an early start as everyone enjoyed breakfast at 8am at the Fresh Food Company in the Downing Student Union. Then it was off to class where the students are studying everything from humanities to mathematics and science. After a day of learning, the students were greeted by their counselors and led to dinner.

After dinner, the students headed off to optionals where they partook in activities including CTF (Capture the Flag), LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), Football, and Traveling Orchestra! After the first Study Hall time, the students were able to bond with their peers during Community Time and Hall Time before heading to bed to rest up for another great day of #VAMPY14!

The counselors and campers alike seem very excited to have started their activities and to be here at VAMPY 2014! Here’s to making #VAMPY14 the best VAMPY yet!