Teacher’s Talk: Be a Writer – 2nd Week Monday and Tuesday

Monday, the weather was perfect for the outside activity we had planned. The theme for the day was, “Good writers are observant” and the day was devoted to using our powers of observation to write detailed pieces. After using their senses outside, the students completed a nature poem.

Tuesday, as a review, the class created something from modeling clay and wrote a vivid description of the creation. Another student then had to find the creation by the description alone. They were all correct (we have never had 100% accuracy before), so that tells you what a great job they did on their descriptions. The theme for Tuesday was, “Good writers are creative”, and we spent the day working on fiction techniques. Students began a fiction piece and then the writing was paused, and challenges were offered. For example, they would add in a color or an article of clothing or even a new character. There were 10 challenges total and the students definitely rose to the challenge.

Tuesday also involved solving a murder mystery. It was fun to watch the students work together as one group to solve the mystery. The students have told us this week that the types of writings they are doing throughout the school year consist of mostly informational and explanatory writings and they are enjoying the creative writings at camp. What an amazing group of writers we have and we are proud to have this opportunity to work with them!

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